To be the number ONE Portfolio Managers Discretionary Account based Merchant Bank in Bangladesh
  To be the leading corporate advisory and investors Advisory Merchant Bank in Bangladesh

  To be the leading Private sector Merchant Bank delivering quality service through innovative research and   effectve human resource management in a modern and progressive organizational culture of meritocracy
  To maintaining ethical and professional standards, while providing enhanced value to all our stakeholders and contributing to the society
  To be the most transparent organization where all the performance is made visible thus ensuring accountability


To be the most RELIABLE, ETHICAL and SKILLED Merchant Bank in Bangladesh where INVESTORs money is safe and secure through skillful Discretionary Account management.


  To achieve sustained growth and profitability in all areas of business operation
  To build and sustain a high performance culture with a continuous focus on performance improvement
  To develop a customer service oriented culture with special emphasis on customer care and convenience
  To build an enabling environment where employees are motivated to contribute to their fullest potential
  To effectively manage and mitigate all kinds of risks inherent in the Merchant Banking Business
  To maximize use of technology to ensure cost effective operations, efficient management information system, enhanced delivery capability and high  service standard
  To manage the portfolio of business to achieve strong and sustainable shareholder return and to continuously build shareholders value
  To explore new avenues for growth and profitability