Company Profile

CAPM Advisory Limited is a full-fledged Investment Bank, incorporated as a private limited company under Companies Act, 1994 in November 2011 and licensed as a full-fledged Merchant Bank under Bangladesh securities and Exchanges Commission (Merchant Banker & Portfolio Manager) Rules, 1996 in April 2012. The company is originated with the aspiration to create a platform for providing professional investment services to both individual and institutional investors.

CAPM Advisory Limited is dedicated to provide a high level of professional and personalized investment services to both its domestic and international clients. As a full-fledged investment bank, we offer equity capital management, debt capital management, underwriting, post initial public offering (IPO) management, corporate advisory services, portfolio management services with emphasis on discretionary account, research, and investor advisory services in the financial and capital markets of Bangladesh.

Our disciplined approach to investing minimizes client's risk in today's vibrant and dynamic capital market. Our goal is to provide consistent better services by consistently minimizing risks through diversifying investment both in the money market and capital market through research based skillful asset allocation. CAPM Advisory Limited’s major priorities are to follow strictly the guideline of the regulatory authorities and to protect the investor’s and other stakeholders interest in a transparent, compliant, ethical and skillful manner. Our capital market fund-raising expertise is supported by a global distribution network. The organization is run by a team of professionals under leadership of highly experienced and leading personalities of this field.