Research & Investment Advisory

CAPM Advisory Limited research team is a hub of economists and financial analysts. Our economists do analysis on different macroeconomic factors like GDP, inflation, interest rate etc. and financial analysts do analysis on different fundamental factors such as sector/ industry research, Company research etc.

CAPM Advisory Limited research team provides differentiated, client-focused micro as well as macroeconomic research and investment ideas. These are supported by in-depth knowledge of the domestic and regional economies.

Our Research Services:

   Economic Research

    Fundamental Research

    Sector Research

Investment Advisory

CAPM Advisory Limited’s investor advisory team consists of experienced research and investment professionals who hold advanced level of experience and achievements in the given field. We are dedicated to provide you with independent, professional investment planning. When we will advise you, we always keep in mind that, your dreams and aspirations are unique and require unique attention. Therefore, you will always find an investment plan that suits your unique need from our accomplished investor advisory team. 


Please subscribe for our research report and investment advisory services. If you have any question regarding research & investor advisory services provided by CAPM Advisory Limited, please mail us at research@capmadvisorybd.comand we will give reply as soon as possible.

Research Portal

CAPM Advisory Limited has a unique portal of research and investment analysis. Please visit to stay tuned.


CAPM Advisory Limited’s Research team operates independently and has no information about the investment decisions taken by the Portfolio Management Department.